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NonprofitCMS mass updates the WordPress Toolkit

Posted on 28th September 2010 by Gray Digital
By Admin |September 28th, 2010

Part of our job here at NonprofitCMS is to educate our clients on how to best manage their websites. For organizations with a relatively small IT staff and no large system integrations required, we normally suggest using WordPress to manage your website. The WordPress toolkit was designed in order to educate our clients on how to maintain their website without the need for a web developer.

At NonprofitCMS we can a motto “We design and build, you control”. This means that we want your organization to control the content, media and direction of your website after launch. The toolkit contains a series of “how to guides” and video tutorials that should be used a resource center to retain control over your website. For a list of all of our tutorials please visit our WordPress Toolkit. Here are the pages we recently updated that contain video tutorials:

Saving and Returning to Drafts in WordPress
Setting your post to private in WordPress
Quick Edit and Bulk Edit to your Posts in WordPress

General Settings
WordPress 3.01 Dashboard Overview
Discussion Settings in WordPress Managing WordPress Categories and Tags
How to Add a new WordPress Blog Post

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