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How to add a new blog posting in WordPress

This video is about how to write and publish a post in WordPress.

From your dashboard click on post, add new and you will be taking to the main editor. At the top, you have a place for your title just like your writing an email. there are no rules about titling the main idea is to think something enticing, something that’s going to make people want to read more about your post. This is your headline, It’s your chance to let people know what’s inside. Under that you got the body of the post here you can write anything and format it with the same tools you see in any word processor bold, italic and so on. Write about something interesting and you can use the icons on top to upload photos, videos, music and other media. Once your satisfied you can set about adding some categories and you have the option of saving a draft rather than putting the post out live right away. Previewing your post so that you can see how it look when you publish it or publishing the post to the web.

Let’s click publish so you can see it live on the website. See how it got automatically added to the website. If you are unhappy and would like to make a change to the post, you can go back into the admin area and go to Dashboard, Posts, click on your post, and start editing your post. When you’re done making your edits, you can click update to see the results live on the website. Your post has been updated and that how your write and publish your post so simple and easy.

Post will be entertained to maintain a blog on WP.

Accessing Posts

  1. Click on Post Tab to Expand it
  2. Click on Posts to view all the Posts
  3. There will be Post Listing
  4. Click Add New from Main Panel or from side menu to add a new Post
  5. Write Article and Details of the Post, you can also change the Permalinks
  6. Select Appropriate Category for this Post
  7. Click Publish to post it