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How to get more Association Members

Posted on 8th October 2012 by Tim Spell
By Admin |October 8th, 2012

If you read 5 Tips to Get your Nonprofit Noticed Online you should be receiving more visitors to your association’s site. But maybe you’ve realized those increased visits are not translating into more clicks on your call to action button. One problem you may be having is the the button itself; it should be “above the fold” and have a stand out element (color is a great way to do this). If that isn’t it, it may be that you’re pulling out the ring too soon.

Imagine it’s your first date with someone new. You go to a nice restaurant, order appetizers, and pull out an engagement ring. She jumps up to “use the restroom”. You glance out the window only to see her hopping into a cab and out of your life forever. That is how many organizations do business, but it shouldn’t be. 

Just like a marriage, joining an association is a commitment. Typically it will take a few visits to your site before a person takes action. Potential members are looking to you to fulfill a need; until they know you can, they won’t want to settle down. People need the opportunity to know who you are and what you do before putting on a ring. But how can you do this without giving away your best kept secrets? 

First, focus on ‘her’. You should change the wording for your list of benefits; instead of saying, “We provide industry insights,” say, “You will receive industry insights daily.” Making your messages “you” focused instead of “us” focused puts the reader into the driver’s seat and demonstrates how they will benefit from the relationship.

Secondly, be a tease. If you don’t want to have a blog open to all, then provide visitors with the first paragraph of each post (and make it a good one). If visitors must sign up in order to see the rest of the content, many of them will.

Thirdly, stage a causal run-in. Have you ever checked out a website, left, and then all the ads on the side of your other pages is suddenly for that company. This is something you can do to too with Google Ads to remind your visitors how great you are. 

Finally, don’t give reason for divorce. Once you get more members, follow through with promises you made; be everything they thought you were and more. That will give them reason to recommend you to their friends. 

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