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5 Tips to Get your Nonprofit Noticed Online

Posted on 17th September 2012 by Tim Spell
By Admin |September 17th, 2012

Getting attention online when there are over half a billion active websites seems next to impossible. But there are a few ways to make your nonprofit association’s site get more traffic, members, and loyalty. Remember, you aren’t looking for everyone; you are looking for everyone who’s right. Here are five tips to get started on today. These tactics help find the right people for your site and keep them coming back.

1. Use your website link everywhere
A great place to do this is in the signature of your employees’ email addresses. Any time they have contact with someone, the link provides incentive to visit your nonprofit web page. Another opportunity is through social media. Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to post links to landing pages on your website. This allows users to easily share the link with hundreds of followers or friends. That is a great opportunity for search engine optimization.

2. Think fluid design
Studies show that most people make initial contact with an organization through their web page. Since first impressions are everything, your association’s website must be easy to follow with important information at every click. Having a well designed nonprofit web page will keep visitors on your site longer.

3. Entice visitors with a free offer
This doesn’t have to be a grand gesture such as a limited time free membership to your organization. You can give website visitors access to some content, like blog posts or a seminar. This will allow them to become more acquainted with your site “risk-free” and give them reason return.

4. Use “Frequently Asked Questions” to answer questions about your industry
Many websites have a FAQ page. This is great for decreasing confusion, but often they aren’t used to maximize traffic. An FAQ page is a great opportunity for search engine optimization (SEO). Answering questions about the industry will add more key words to your website which will increase your chances of being put at the top of a search. Look through our other blog posts to learn more about SEO.

5. Steal an established audience
Don’t worry, this is a good kind of stealing; in fact, it’s beneficial for all parties. Find a blog or organization with similar goals and content. Ask to guest blog on their site and insert a link to your own site. You’re helping the audience by providing relevant information, the other website by increasing its visitors’ satisfaction, and yourself by pulling in the right kind of audience.