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WordPress Map Plugin

Posted on 20th December 2010 by Gray Digital
By Admin |December 20th, 2010

NonprofitCMS has released a WordPress Map plugin perfect for global nonprofit organizations wishing to display their word wide presence in a custom designed way. This map plugin integrates smoothly with the WordPress CMS using short codes and lets you manage all points in the WordPress admin panel.

Download LITE Edition

DOWNLOAD THE PREMIUM VERSION of the plugin from our store!

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  • Ability to Add a new point to the map. Users can literally ‘point and click’ to add a new point to the map. By default the system comes with a few fields names to add: Title, Description, Country and Continent.
  • Robust Admin Portal: ability to add/edit/delete map points. Ability to customize elements to display on the public map.
  • Edit/Move/Delete Map point: The admin portal gives you the ability to edit any information that you add to a map point. Forgot where Kosovo is located? No worries, you can move that point point anywhere on the map just by ‘pointing and clicking’.
  • Public View controls: Users can zoom into continents, filter map points, and mouse over map points to view more information about them.

Don’t have WordPress? No worries – we can install the plugin on any website and get it up and running in no time.

This WordPress Map plugin is FREE for existing NonprofitCMS clients. Not a NonprofitCMS client or want this map further customized? Contact us to get a free quote: contact (at)