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WordPress Donate Plugin

Posted on 20th December 2010 by Gray Digital
By Admin |December 20th, 2010

The NonprofitCMS WordPress Donate Plugin allows you to create unlimited donation campaigns, capture donor information in WordPress, export information to excel and gives a donation thermometer for each campaign! The Donate Plugin integrates smoothly with WordPress and uses PayPal IPN to securely collect online payments.


The free version of the plugin is available for download directly from this link: WordPress Donation Plugin with Goals and PayPal IPN

The premium version of this plugin removes the credits link and allows export to CSV/Excel of donor information.

Features Overview

  • Ability to Add an unlimited amount of donation campaigns through WordPress.
  • Set Donation Goals for each campaign! Each donation campaign gives you the ability to specify a goal amount.
  • Autogenerated WordPress Donation Thermometer (Google-O-Meter) for each campaign based on goal amount and dollars received to date. This allows you to place a wordpress donation widget in on your website showing the amount already donation and goal.
  • Ability to send autogenerated receipts to each donor after they have successfully donated to your cause. Specify and custom the email text as well!
  • Use WordPress shortcodes to display donation information, fields, donation thermometer and goal amounts!
  • Donor information is captured and saved in the database for reporting needs (CSV export)
  • Ability to capture up to 10 fields of interest (name, address, email address, phone, city, state, zipcode etc…)
  • Integrates smoothly with PayPal IPN to allow for quick, easy and secure online donations.

Many more features are going to be added to the WordPress Donate Plugin in the future. Stay tuned for future releases. Have something you want added the the wordpress donate plugin? Please send us an email! contact (at)

Short Codes
When you create a new campaign you will get a campaign ID number. Use that campaign ID in the cid parameter of the short tag:

[ wpdonatebuy cid=15 ] (generates a donation form based on the chosen fields of the campaign ready to submit to PayPal)

[ wpdonatemeter cid=15 ] (Generates a progress meter showing amount donated and amount left)

[ wpdonategoal cid=15 ] (generates a string of the total goal amount, no currency symbol is used)

[ wpdonatecollected cid=15 ] (generates a string of the total amount collected, no currency symbol is used)

[ wpdonatorlist cid=15 ] (generates a table of non-anonymous donors for this campagin)






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