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Why WordPress Hosting isn’t Enough

Posted on 14th August 2009 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |August 14th, 2009

Less than 36-hours ago, a security vulnerability was discovered on the WordPress platform. While the Internet brings about progress and expanded reach to all that have access, it sadly is also a very dangerous playground for malicious users ranging from curious teenage kids to mob-like groups of expert hackers.


When vulnerabilities are discovered it often takes only a few hours until automated exploit tools are wrecking havoc over the web. The impact of a compromised website can be a nuisance such as downtime or a catastrophe such as replacement of your content with defaming or otherwise inappropriate information.


Many website companies offer WordPress hosting at a bargain price in hopes of winning over clients. With a minimal operating budget these firms often neglect issues such as security. For them, losing a small number of customers due to hacked websites is cheaper than following proper security precautions.


At NonprofitCMS we instill security procedures into our daily routine. We were aware of the security vulnerability within 1 hour of its published discovery and had all of our clients patched within the next few hours. According to common security trends, more than 80% of WordPress powered websites will remain unpatched even three months from now. Our clients are our livelihood, and for our livelihood we are committed to proactively going the extra mile.

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