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Why We are Thankful for Associations

Posted on 19th November 2012 by Tim Spell
By Admin |November 19th, 2012

You may wonder why a website, app, and software development company would want to work almost exclusively with associations. I certainly did when I applied for my position, but I’ve learned that there are two simple answers: associations do well in times of economic trouble, and associations are “pro-people.” 

Pro-people organizations prioritize their employees and customers over money. Associations care about their members; after all that’s the business! When people are out of jobs, they turn to associations for networking opportunities, industry news, and re-certification. 

We love who we work with–people who are passionate about what they do and those they do it for. Over the years we have learned the particular trials associations experience, and how we can help. We get our hands into so many different industries and make a small part of them better. Usually that is by organizing existing resources in a way that will be easily accessed by those who need them. But it is also through this blog, the webinars we put on, and the interactions we have with the leaders of industry.

This isn’t just our job, it is our passion. Every day I see my coworkers enjoying their projects, and they brag to me about their accomplishments in tech-talk that I don’t understand–I smile and nod a lot. But what I do understand is that they want to come to work every day. They tackle our clients projects with the same zealous passion that I have for writing these blog posts and reading every article on associations and marketing. We love our jobs, this company, and our clients. So this Thanksgiving we have you to be thankful for.

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