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What you should know about Information Architecture for your website redesign

Posted on 21st February 2011 by Gray Digital
By Admin |February 21st, 2011

Information Architecture (IA)…what is it? IA is the process that web developers take when they are organizing all the content on your website (web pages, PDF documents etc…). Some projects are easy (under 30 page websites) but the process can become overwhelming for novice web developers if there are over 200 pages on your website (let alone projects with over 100,000 content items!).

Why should I care about Information Architecture?

I’m glad you asked! Having a solid “architecture” of your website makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for on your website. Without a clear direction, users get distracted, stumble and usually just leave your website. Content should be easy and intuitive to find on your website!

The above is easier said than done for large websites.

What do we do for these larger projects?

  1. We begin by taking a “content audit” of your existing website. Every single page and file is cataloged and displayed in a hierarchical view (see below). We can use this “30,000” foot view of the content on your website to determine which content is outdated and can be removed, which content needs to be updated and which content is good “as is”.

  2. We create a new Information Architecture for your website! The exact process we take for this part of the project is ‘trade secret’ but will give you the general concepts that are taken into account: Website Stakeholders, Google Analytics Data and interviews with organization staff and constituents. We take all these together using our methodology and POOF you have an easy to use website!

The end result is a new fresh easy to use website that is built to last for years down the road. You’ll no longer have to worry where a new content item will go on your website…your menu structure will be intuitive! An intuitive Information Architecture for your nonprofit coupled with a brand new website design is a powerful piece to your organization’s communication and marketing plan.

Questions about our exact methodology? Leave a comment below or send us an email!