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What Is imis Software?

Posted on 21st November 2011 by Gray Digital
By Admin |November 21st, 2011


Q: What is imis Software?

Answer: imis is to membership groups as WordPress is to bloggers. imis software is designed to help associations and nonprofit organizations manage relationships amongst its members and facilitate administrative tasks such as donations, event registration and website updates all through one interfaces tied to a single membership database.


Q: What is an Example of imis Software at Work?

Answer: Here is one example of imis web devlopment at its best. Let’s say your Nonprofit is soliciting donations with an annual newsletter. This process has become costly between postage, recording donation amounts, and transferring funds into your account. Additionally, going the extra step to thank donors isn’t an option because of the current administrative workload. imis software design reduces costs in a number of ways. For starters, imis allows your organization to send an e-newsletter by instantly pulling all e-mail addresses from your imis membership database. As donors respond their donation amount is recorded in the database and funds are securely transferred to your bank. Because the database recorded the donation amounts, as well as who donated, a thank you e-mail can be sent without much additional work.


Q: What are Primary Features of imis Software?

Answer: imis offers a lot of options, and all of these features seamlessly integrate with a single membership database. At its core imis is most helpful with the following projects:

  • Managing Events & Education Seminars Within Associations & Nonprofits.
  • Creating a Content Management System for Websites that Integrates with a Membership Database.
  • Collecting Donations & Measuring Marketing Campaigns to Members.

Q: How Should Our Association or Nonprofit Evaluate Using imis?

Answer: imis offers a lot of options for any membership organization, association or nonprofit. NonprofitCMS will begin by working with you to help discover the core business processes that imis can improve upon. From that point we analyze the modules offered by imis and build a system that meets your needs. Typically most organizations use imis to act as their primary membership database, and then integrate imis with the current website. A good imis web developer will understand how to integrate imis web design and functionality into your current website.


Q: What is Nonprofit CMS’s Experience with imis Software Development?

Answer: We are proud to have worked with many aspects of imis and deliver nonprofit imis web development in a timely fashion on behalf of clients. Here are two example of imis web development. PAICR is an organization devoted to helping educate financial services professionals on business development and marketing. PAICR utilized imis to help manage their seminar registration process, and sync imis with WordPress the website’s CMS. American Society of Military Comptrollers also desired to sync the imis membership database with WordPress to help manage donations, inquires from members, and event registration.