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Using Facebook To Raise Awareness for your Non Profit

Posted on 14th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 14th, 2010

Social media has become a platform that facilitates conversation and can help increase the awareness of any brand and organization. It serves as one of the channels of marketing communication, using which organizations can effectively implement their marketing strategies and campaigns.  

Various social networking websites give organizations the opportunity to create a positive image in the minds of the people. Facebook is one such social networking site that helps make successful the marketing strategies of various organizations. For a nonprofit, the marketing strategy is all about creating and raising awareness, gaining support and generating funds. Facebook has a far bigger role to play for nonprofits as these organizations need less sales-driven ads and more value creation.  

Mentioned below are some steps that can help nonprofits generate more support and also raise funds.  

Creating a profile  
The first thing that you need to do is to create a profile. Ask everyone in your organization to create a Facebook profile. Add your friends and family to your Facebook friend list. Also add friends of friends and keep branching out to broaden your reach.  

Creating a group or an event  
If you are supporting a cause or are here for fundraising activities, then create a group for it. Ask everyone in your organization to invite their friends to join the group. If you have some pictures or videos pertaining to the event or cause, upload them right away. Encourage your group members to add content and write comments.  

Creating a page  
Once you gain momentum, you can create a fan page for your organization. Fan page is a web page in Facebook wherein you can add text, pictures and videos of your organization. You can also add blogs and other applications to keep your visitors engaged. Invite your friends and family to become fans of your organization’s page.  

Updating the page  
One problem that has been seen with most fan pages is that organizations fail to update their content. You should update the content regularly and should add more pictures and videos as and when.  

Facebook Widgets  
You can include Facebook Widgets in the design of your site so as to keep users in tune with the activity on your Facebook profile. These widgets can be easily added to your existing design with the help of proficient web developers and be a mirror of your progress on the social networking site.  

Following the steps above can significantly help raise awareness about your organization and its activities along with reaching out to a global audience.

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