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Usability for Nonprofit Websites

Posted on 11th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 11th, 2010

Many people consider usability as an after thought. However, it is important to take it into account throughout the website designing process, and is a focal point for the best nonprofit websites. This is because fixing major usability errors can be timely and costly. Therefore, the end-user of the website has to be kept in mind in order to get a great product.  

A good website design helps users to perform actions as per his needs without creating complexities. A simple navigation enables users to get the required information with just a click of the mouse.  

Let’s take a look into the benefits of considering usability for website designing projects

  • It helps in presenting the information to the end-user in a simple and straightforward manner.
  • It provides users with clear and obvious choices to get the desired content.
  • Choosing the right place on the web page for putting the most significant information, helps users to get information with ease.
  • It eliminates chances of ambiguity regarding user-actions.
  • The act of considering the usability throughout website designing process significantly reduces support costs and costs involved in fixing errors of poorly designed web sites. It also helps in reducing the long-term development costs.

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