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Twitter For Nonprofits – Part 2

Posted on 28th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 28th, 2010

In the previous post, we discussed about how Twitter can help reach out to a global audience. The tweets and retweets (if any) help in generating more support from people, all over the world. It is an instrument that connects organizations with their target audience. The broadcast of daily activities through Twitter significantly increases awareness. However, Twitter is not just for broadcasting. It entails a two-way communication process which enables users to not only hear, but also talk about issues that affect your mission. This can help you get more ideas for your promotional activities and raising funds.  

Several people are of the view that Twitter is just for sending texts, sharing pictures and videos and this can never help raise funds for an organization’s activities. They argue about the fact that people will not make a donation just because you are on Twitter and you tweet, neither will they donate because you have a blog and you have created a blog post about your cause. However, their perception is incorrect as people join networks not to give money but to build relationships. The tweets act as a catalyst in the relationship building process. Once they have made strong connections, they could start donating.  

If you are still confused with whether to go with the idea or not, you can just give it a try. Setting up an account on Twitter is easy and free (as all freebies are welcome in the nonprofit world). If you start following people right away, the Twitter experience becomes more interesting. Don’t think that you’re being nosey or invasive; you have to follow people on this social networking site.  

Find your peers on Twitter using tools like or Twellow. You may also search for keywords like ‘fundraising’ or ‘nonprofit’, and see who is doing what and who is talking what on Twitter. It would be better if you join in the conversations that are already there and then start with your own tweeting process as this will give you a clearer picture of how to go about tweeting in the Twitter world and will also enable others to know about you and your organization.  

Make use of Twitter tools. They are simple and aid in better communication. It might seem odd initially, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll call it ‘fun’. You may raise money for your cause or activities, but predominantly you’ll learn a lot about the people who choose to support your cause and this, in turn, will help in generating more support for the organization.  

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