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The True Cost of an “Affordable” Website for your Nonprofit

Posted on 24th September 2009 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |September 24th, 2009

We’re about 15 years into the Internet revolution and for sure we have a lot to show for it. With the upcoming release of HTML5, embedded videos, music, games, and mobile access it is hard to argue against the immense progress the technical community has made on changing people’s lives.

Most businesses and organizations have websites today. Even if you are not marketing yourself through tactics such as “search engine optimization” and online advertising, you can be sure customers are going to visit the website you put on your business card or office sign. A website is an extended relationship with your customer – it is a way for you to engage them in your offerings when you are not face to face.

There are many low cost providers out there offering web site hosting for under $20 a month and generally they do work as promised. The issue we have with these low cost providers is they hide the true cost of what it means to have a website. At NonprofitCMS, we urge you to consider your true cost of maintaining your website over its lifetime.

Item Cost
Initial Cost $500*
Web Hosting $15 / month
Updates $35 / hour
Total Cost Year 1 $1520**
Total Cost Year 2 $1020**

*$500 for a website is on the very low side of estimates.
**Assumes 2 hours of updates per month

The estimates above are very conservative – meaning you would have to find the cream of the crop web developer and we host to stay within that price range. I encourage you to check out our prices and our design templates to see how we compare. For a buck less than what you would pay to get a mediocre quality website we assure you a professional look and feel. Our DIY system means future updates can be me made by even the least technically capable users. We know you are probably swamped with work and we’ve made our system easy enough for you to assign anyone (such as your administrative assistant) to make updates on your behalf.

As a quick comparison to how our prices compare:
Total Year One Cost: $859
Total Year Two Cost: $360

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