NonProfit CMS joins Gray Digital Group

Gray Digital Group is a full service digital marketing agency in San Antonio, TX.

Gray Digital Group works with clients all over the country. Our client base is comprised of large national health systems, small to medium-sized businesses, law firms and non-profits.

Our Location

117 W Mistletoe Ave, San Antonio TX 78212

Office: (210) 820-0566
Fax: (210) 829-8361

Part of Gray Digital Group

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Non-profit Website Hosting

Posted on March 6th, 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |March 6th, 2010

Anyone who signs up for NonprofitCMS is hosted securely with Rackspace USA. Rackspace is the industry leader in website hosting, in particular for their state of the art platform for cloud technology.   For $30/month you get our premier non profit website hosting with Rackspace, read more