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Steps to Complete a Non Profit Website Template Based Site

Posted on 11th January 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |January 11th, 2010

Frequently organizations who are looking for a cost effective solution for their web site, look to our non profit website templates. Confusion often arises as they are unsure about how we operate and what steps should be taken to get started. This article should put some of those concerns to rest.  


Step 1: Browse through directory of templates

Here at NonprofitCMS we have found some of our best non profit website templates at . There are literally thousands of templates to choose from, but since we have been doing this for awhile, we’ve been able to pick apart the “good” from the “bad” templates. Before you waste hours going through this site, let us show you some recommendation that could work for you.  


Steps 2: Work to establish a content architecture

Having a pretty new website is half the battle. What makes a great website is having information organized so people can quickly and easily find what they are looking for. We will take a look at your existing site (if you have one) and give you some advice about how best to organize your site.


Step 3: Customize color scheme and personalize template

Getting your color scheme and logo working well with your template will make or break a project. We have a reliable team of graphic designers who do tremendous work modifying your template. Even web designers have a hard time recognizing that your organization is using a website template as opposed to a custom designed site.  


Step 4: Install various WordPress plug-ins

Are you looking to accept online donations or manage your events using your new website? Let us professionally install your plug-ins and give you a tutorial about how to use them.  


Step 5: Launch

We initially build your site on our beta servers. After your 100% satisfied with your new template based site, we’ll ensure that your site is smoothly made live (either on our servers or yours).  


Step 6: Training

Keeping your website up to date is critical for your organization. WordPress allows you to easily do that. Once the site is launched we will give you and your organization an hour (or more if you have lots of questions) webinar on how to blog, update your website architecture, add events, and update your photo gallery.

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