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Speeding up a Sitefinity Website

Posted on 31st August 2013 by Kunal Johar
By Admin |August 31st, 2013

Check out this post on our nonprofit developer and support community.  We have spent nearly 2 years working on ways to make Sitefinity run faster for both developers and end-users.  Much of our earlier efforts were to make sure clients on Sitefinity would have a fast experience.

As great as Sitefinity is, its major downside was the enormous amount of time it took as a developer to build a site.  Also for occasional content managers there was often a “cold start” warmup time.  Meaning the first 15 minutes of using the system would always be super super slow compared to after things “warmed up.”  This is fine if all you do is make edits — but for those making occasional edits, waiting 5 minutes for that first page load was really unacceptable.

Sitefinity’s team themselves made a lot of improvements to this over the last two years.  While those improvements have helped a lot we put some serious efforts into going the extra mile that the Sitefinity team couldn’t.  Since we deal with Sitefinity websites just for nonprofits — we basically deal with the same issues over and over again.  We could focus our energies into the top reasons Sitefinity might run slow for these kinds of organizations and we set our engineering team to eliminate the bottle necks.

If you are a developer please do check out our article on how to make Sitefinity go faster.

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