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Self Assessment Exams, Certification Exams for Associations – Introducing examCMS

Posted on 29th October 2012 by Tim Spell
By Admin |October 29th, 2012

Today we are proud to announce the beta launch of examCMS.  Don’t worry — website with full details coming soon!  

What is examCMS?

Does your association manage a certification program of some sort.  Do these certification exams involve some sort of proctored or online exam with multiple choice questions?  If so, examCMS may be an option to help your members and potential members while being a new source of revenue for your organization.

You can use examCMS to sell practice quizzes or continuing education programs. AssociationsNow recently published an article about the Society for Vascular Ultrasound using snail mail for issuing members continuing medical education credits. They are also using an online version, but the interim executive director was quoted as saying, “Maybe folks don’t trust computers when it comes to CMEs.” We think they do. We have helped streamline the processes of conferences and awards for associations, and we are sure examCMS will help our clients even more!

The brand new examCMS allows members to log-in, select from a variety of tests, pay for it (or get it for free as a member benefit), take it, and be evaluated on the spot! The look is clean, professional, and it will be branded to your association! You can have the questions and/or answers randomize order for each user or keep them consistent. We have designed it so it is easy for you to update yourself–meaning you won’t have to continuously pay someone to recreate tests or view results. That is the nonprofitCMS way!

If you are interested in joining our beta launch contact us at the form on the right.

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