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Online fundraising strategies for nonprofits

Posted on 22nd April 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |April 22nd, 2010

Fundraising is undoubtedly the lifeline of every nonprofit organization. With the entire world opting to go online and making their presence felt in the virtual world it has become imperative for nonprofits to follow suit as well. What one must understand though is that the non profit fundraising strategies that are required to get the right attention in the virtual world differ from those applied in the real world. Herein are a few factors that if kept in mind can help get those looking to make a donation to the right platform:


– Importance of SEO & SMO activities – The one thing that every person involved in online marketing would swear by is SEO & SMO activities. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media Optimization (SMO) are excellent non profit fundraising strategies that the people looking to make a donation, or traffic in internet terms, are driven to your site. SEO activity that directs traffic to your site includes ensuring web pages include search terms that are relevant to your activity, updating blogs or indulging in article marketing on a regular basis as well as securing valuable backlinks along the way. SMO activities ensure that your nonprofit gets the right kind of attention by optimizing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter along with other forums. Putting links or creating fan pages on such social networking sites not only increases awareness but also ensures your target audience lands on the website. SMO makes sure that you stay visible and for the right reasons. This activity should begin with the launch of the website and continue throughout its lifetime.


– Simplifying things – Before SEO and SMO activities can be initiated one must decide upon the architecture of the site before it is made functional. There can be nothing more discouraging that would drive away a potential donor than a complex site structure. If visitors are unable to locate the information easily and generally feel lost on the website they will probably give up and not even make an attempt to look for the “donate now” button. Since not everyone looking to make a donation will be tech savvy, the website design should be kept clean and simple with potential information and contact features placed prominently.


– Laying the groundwork for trust – The next area to be worked upon before launching the website is the content. The content should clearly state out the objectives of the nonprofit along with its mission statement and other up-to-date factual details. This is a very important step in creating trust, as one would only make a donation after verifying the scope of work of the organization and the manner in which their money will be put to use. The content should also create a sense of accomplishment for the donor by expressing gratitude for their contribution as well as acknowledge the fact that their support has made a difference to someone’s life. Thus, content should be created keeping transparency and educating the visitor on the entity’s activities as the primary goal.


– Once you’re live – Once the website is live SEO and SMO activities do take care of generating most of the traffic; however, other avenues should also be explored. For instance, placing the link to the website on all promotional material, newsletters and visiting cards. Safety is another aspect that should be given its due attention. Ensuring the safety of donations not only makes certain that the money falls in the right hands but also goes a long way in creating and retaining trust. Placing a statement on the website about the fact that the site and payments are protected by certain software is the kind of reassurance any donor would be looking for.

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