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Non Profit Website Review – YMCA DC

Posted on 9th July 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |July 9th, 2010

This week NonprofitCMS has selected the website of the YMCA of Metropolitan DC (  We have decided to go a step further and use our wireframe skills to create a better version of the website, give 3 things the current site is doing well and 3 things that can be improved upon.  

YMCA DC – Website before and after

A closer look at our wireframe  

NonprofitCMS – YMCA DC Wireframe

We reviewed website from usability point of view and the following are our observations:  

3 things they are doing well

Aesthetic Design and Color Scheme
Website has aesthetically appealing design and a fresh color scheme.  

Consistent Layout
All the website inner pages follow a two column layout with left navigation holding links to all the sub-sections of that section and main body holding actual content.  

Organization of the content on the website
All the information is organized on the website in logically organized sections.  

3 things that can be improved upon

Placement of various items on Home Page
The placement of various items can be reorganized so that the home page will not seem overcrowded and cluttered.  

Navigation Design (Top Navigation and Left Navigation)
The main navigation on the home page can be improved using drop-down.  

Layout of static information pages
The layout of the static information can be improved. Here we do not require left navigation on these pages. We also do not require a banner here as these pages generally contain legal information and privacy information etc. and people hardly visit these pages. We usually keep these pages on the bottom navigation.

Are you a DC Non-profit in need of website development, or design? Please review our homepage to read more about how to prepare for hiring a DC non-profit web designer.

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