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Non Profit Website Pricing

Posted on 23rd August 2010 by Gray Digital
By Admin |August 23rd, 2010

It’s safe to say all nonprofits (let alone for profits) should have websites these days. When we browse websites like we are dazzled by the high level of usability and presentation. We’d be quickly dazzled once we start asking how many labor hours go into these large websites. Price is always a tough question and the answer is almost always “it depends.” We hate that answer just as much as our clients do so I’ll try to shed some light on how website pricing is determined.

Let’s start with the basics:

Cost = Level of Service

If we start on this principal we can better define how much service costs or rather should cost. If you need almost no hand holding then for sure you should pay less than someone who needs daily support and assistance, right? We try to price our services fairly based on this principal.

I just need a simple website

We’ve all heard that before and we all catch ourselves asking this question from time to time. (“I just need the carpet ripped up and wood floors put in,” I asked my contractor the other day…)

Well if you just need a simple website, we have a plan for you. We set you up with a simple website send you a training video on how to make updates and off you go. Immediately we jump to our baseline and most common website pricing model. Here we feel you are a customer who may want something simple but may not know exactly what that is. So to help you get something you’d be proud of we take the time out in a 4 phases approach.

  1. Needs analysis: We work with you to figure out what your goals are. Are donations a driving force or is it getting awareness and event attendance?

  2. Creative Design Process: We work with you through the needs analysis phase to find a few websites you like and position your ideas into a uniquely crafted design.

  3. Implementation: Once you are happy with this design, we develop it out on a robust content management system.

  4. Training: Finally we teach you how to make 95% of all updates by yourself without needing to call us again.

Many of our customers fit into this package.  For sure if you have a lot of page designs and functionality requests you could pay another few thousand but figure the average grass-roots nonprofit should budget about $5,000 or so for a website.

We have databases and a lot of stakeholders, help!

This sure sounds like a lot of service and we’re happy to throw our distinguished engineering talent up against it! To give you a real picture, a typical, professionally handled website can take several hundred hours. This includes a good post-launch follow through and regular support facilities with integration and ecommerce widgets, etc. It involves custom design and functionality, development, social media promotion, an intelligent and efficient web traffic analysis, information architecture for content pages and complex data integration.

Obviously no one has an unlimited budget. We will work with you to balance your resources against your goals, and find a comfortable website pricing model to achieve the top priorities of the project. Perhaps we can find free open source plugins to do some of the advanced things you need to do. Perhaps we have to build in some functionality ourselves. Either way we’re here to support you through this process.

Per price we’d estimate the average larger project costs somewhere between $25,000 and $50,000. This generally means we have to solve a few complex engineering challenges as well as develop out a solid information architecture to present information effectively to your various stake holders.

We hope our article on Website Pricing gives you an idea of ball parks costs for websites. At NonprofitCMS we have options for each organization size. Backed by our parent company, vOfficeware, Inc. we have the engineering talent to solve the greatest integration challenges while focusing dedicated NonprofitCMS personnel on the needs of the various flavors of nonprofits.