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Lending Your Non-Profit’s Web Design Credibility

Posted on 17th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 17th, 2010

Nonprofits generally have great reverence for the kind of work they do, for their goals and causes. They survive on the community spirit of people and their generous donations. This way, it becomes extremely important for them to reach out to a global audience and raise awareness about their organization and its activities. However, the question that crops up here is that how to achieve that? The very obvious answer to this is creating a website that can help followers know more about the organization and its recent activities. Before you begin creating your website, make sure that you have a perfect web design plan. If your web design is unprofessional, your donors might get unimpressed and leave the idea of donating. To avoid this, you can work with your web designer to give your nonprofit website a highly professional look. Here are a few steps that can help you design a simple yet professional website.  

The first thing that you need to do before you initiate the design process is to determine the goals for creating the website. Think about the central idea you want to convey to your patrons or potential donors. You can start with an explanation of what your organization does and the success ratio of your work. With clearly outlined goals, it becomes easier to explain to your potential donors that you are a reputed and genuine nonprofit organization.  

The next step involves deciding the overall style of your website. Several nonprofit websites are built using the WordPress CMS. If your website is also built in that manner, then it is better to look for free WordPress themes. This allows you to see and explore the various styles on offer. You can use the style that you select not only on your website, but also on all other promotional material.  

A uniform style and approach in all your promotional tools will help create an identifiable brand for people. You can also include pictures and videos in the same style to add to the look and feel of your website.  

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