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Joomla and MailChimp API Integration for Non-Profit

Posted on 24th November 2010 by Gray Digital
By Admin |November 24th, 2010 approached NonprofitCMS with a variety of tasks last month.  Most of these were ‘simple’ and required text/content based updates in the Joomla CMS…a system that we are experts in. PIIPA also approached us with a variety of new challenges that we were excited to tackle:

MailChimp API Integration
Request: PIIPA wanted to give users the option of signing up for a ‘IP Fact of the Day’ on their homepage. Their email address and names would be saved in an online e-newsletter system. Easy, right? The second part of the problem involved actually sending off 365 emails throughout the year containing the ‘fact of the day’…not as easy.

Solution: MailChimp has an API that we were able to integrate with. PIIPA provided us with a Excel list of ‘facts’ that we were able to import into the Joomla database. Once in Joomla we were able to create some custom PHP files and a quick email design that contained the fact of the day. Users are now able to sign up directly on for the fact of the day and receive the following email each morning 🙂

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