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Internet Technologies – A Must For Nonprofits

Posted on 25th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 25th, 2010

After years of research, web analysts have concluded that there is a technological gap between the present internet culture and nonprofits. Some smaller nonprofits still are of the view that internet is an expensive medium and requires a lot of expertise. Therefore, they are a bit reluctant to develop their web presence.  

With an escalating number of technology providers and cost-effective online applications, it has become easy to access the medium and reach out to a global audience. Web technology providers these days offer the much needed Web 2.0 tactics, tailored specifically to suit the needs of nonprofits.  

Let’s look at the various benefits that the online medium has to offer:  

Since a nonprofit survives primarily on the funds provided by donors or sponsors, they understand the importance of the term ‘cost-effectiveness’. Though initially it might cost a little more than expected, a good website design offers long-term benefits and gives good returns on the initial investment. Later it becomes relatively cheaper. For example, sending out news and updates through e-mails or online newsletters helps you save money that you would have spent on printing and postal services.  

Timely Updates
Patrons and donors appreciate getting news and updates on time. Logging onto the website takes a few seconds and reading news there takes a few minutes. However, sticking to the traditional publishing and posting methods of newsletters’ hardcopies take much more time.  

Wider Reach
The use of internet makes it easy for nonprofits to reach out to a global audience and gain more visibility.  

More Participation
Use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. can increase the participation level of the community. Also, social media provides an opportunity to exchange ideas with fundraisers, volunteers and others.  

Raising Funds
Internet is a medium using which you can inform your target audience about the various activities of your organization instantly. Also, it allows you to add value and credibility to the organization’s name. Once you have achieved this, the cycle of amity and support continues automatically.  

Thus, it is important for nonprofits to enter the cyber lounge and bridge the technological gap in order to take their organization’s goals forward.

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