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Importance of Branding in the Nonprofit World

Posted on 20th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 20th, 2010

Inhabitants of the nonprofit world often overlook the importance of branding as they find it in uneven margins of their mission. They don’t understand that they need to build a strong brand value if they want to thrive. Here are some common myths that have long been associated with the branding process for nonprofits.

  • Several nonprofits believe that branding activity is only meant for mega-corporations. However, this is certainly not the case. With a variety of messages delivered through different media, it becomes difficult for an average person to identify and relate with the message of the organization. This makes it necessary for all organizations, including nonprofits, to create an identifiable brand value that helps develop mindshare about the organization and its activities.
  • Many organizations argue about the fact that they don’t need branding because they have a logo that can help people identify with the brand. Having a logo is a great thing; however, it’s a fallacy that the logo connects with your brand image. Positive branding takes a central approach to all forms of communications and includes techniques like creating a good and easy-to-navigate website, engaging in promotional activities such as advertising, events, etc.
  • Some nonprofit organizations might feel that the branding exercise is not within their budget. However, branding is one approach that doesn’t put much strain on your pocket. The only thing that branding takes is your time and energy. A well thought out brand strategy should be incorporated in all promotional messages so that the user can easily relate to your brand and its activities.
  • On the branding remote control, some people often focus on the negative side of the term ‘Marketing’ and call it a deceptive practice. However, marketing is an untainted expression of what we call a set of activities designed to get attention of a specific consumer group. If helping the cause of something is your definition of a nonprofit, then marketing and branding should be good expressions for your organization and its activities.

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