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Fundamental Elements For Your Nonprofit Website

Posted on 1st June 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |June 1st, 2010

The internet world has helped open the doors to the global market, providing organizations with new opportunities to cater to their audience worldwide. For a nonprofit, its website is the foundation of its online marketing strategy. Therefore, the website has to be created in a manner that works for both the organization and users. It ought to be user-friendly and yet fulfill the goals of the organization.  

Mentioned below are a few features that can help make a successful nonprofit website.  

User Registration
User registration is an outstanding concept for a nonprofit website as it endeavors to establish a stronger connection between the organization and its visitors. Users fill-in their personal details in the registration form which allows them to have privileged access to the website. It helps generate good leads for the organization and build a database of relevant contacts.  

Discussion Forum
Creating a separate section for discussions can make your nonprofit website more participative. It allows members to express their opinion and know more about the organization. This can also help in highlighting the causes that your organization might have embraced.  

Event Calendar
The event calendar allows users to stay updated about forthcoming events as those interested can associate themselves with such events.  

Raising Funds
Having a ‘Donate’ tab right on the homepage helps highlight the ultimate aim of a nonprofit. You can add this tab on other pages as well. Accepting donations online, through the organization’s website helps save money that would have otherwise been spent on publishing and printing hard copies of newsletters, brochures, and other communication material.  

Managing Website Content
An online CMS (Content Management System) allows the website manager to maintain and update website content in an organized manner. To further make your website content engaging you can have a blog of your own on the website. Seen from an SEO standpoint, this dynamic content will enhance the visibility of your website in the search engine result pages.  

Integration of Social Media
If you have a presence on social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, etc, you can provide a link to those websites on your webpage. This will help users connect with your organization on such sites through your organization’s website.  

Incorporating the points mentioned above can make your website look professional and interesting. It can also assist in gathering leads that will help gain valuable support and raise funds online.

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