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File Uploads: Now Faster, and Extremely Reliable

Posted on 20th April 2013 by Kunal Johar
By Admin |April 20th, 2013

For some reason or another File Uploads have plagued online information processing systems.  I regret to say, we were no different.  We spent countless engineering hours building a robust file uploading system so that people’s poor internet connections or slow computers would not cause them from wasting countless hours uploading, waiting, then finding out something got lost in transit.

Even with all of this effort, we kept getting reports of lost files.  Our logs would continue to show a trend, older computers / older browsers would have a 12.5% drop rate for file uploads (2% for modern browsers).  The same user trying again would be successful, but he or she was already understandably frustrated.  

About 45 days ago we came across a solution: FilePicker.IO — this system does nothing but accept file uploads.  Their whole engineering team is dedicated to making an easy to integrate file uploading system so that developers like those on our team can have very robust file uploading without having to worry.  

We hastily worked to get this integrated in our awards, conference and membership software platforms and released it live exactly 1 month ago.

We’re happy to report our file upload issues have dropped to 0% lost files for modern browsers — and less than half a percentage of lost files for old browsers like Internet Explorer 8.

We’d like to thank our clients for sticking with us as we worked through these issues, but are happy to report we have a good solution in place that is working well 🙂


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