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Exploring Google tools for nonprofits

Posted on 9th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 9th, 2010

Google Apps have benefitted several nonprofits and have greatly helped them give better and faster results. These Google communication tools, which are available for free, help nonprofits operate proficiently.  

Before explaining how these tools help the nonprofits, let’s gain some insight into what these tools actually are. Google Apps is a biosphere of various Web applications that are similar to the traditional desktop suites such as Gmail, Google Docs, Calendar, G-Talk, etc.
Now you may ask what’s in it for nonprofits. Let’s take a shorter route to know how Google Apps can benefit nonprofits.  

Gmail – this application includes email accounts on the nonprofit’s domain. The best part is that you can access it even if you are offline. You can select the Gmail account using an IMAP account and then sync it to your Outlook express. The application also allows you to set the look of your Gmail account in accordance with the theme and logo of your organization.  

With Google Calendar you can share the calendar entries with your co-workers by integrating the tool into your Gmail account. However, if you don’t want to share details with every co-worker, you have the option of sharing it with a selected group of co-workers.  

Google Docs – is, in fact, the best feature of Google Apps as it helps you to create and access your documents anytime, anywhere. All you need to have is an internet access to share with others, your Word documents, Power point presentations or Excel spreadsheets.  

Google Talk – allows you to share what’s in your mind with your co-workers and supporters.You can also share files and documents through the use of this application.

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