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Content Management for Nonprofits

Posted on 27th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 27th, 2010

Nonprofits have a set of unique requirements including content management that is often integrated with other activities such as fundraising, constituent management, e-mail list management, advocacy, etc. They require more content on their website as it helps raise funds and generate support. However, several nonprofits are not even aware of the significance of adding and updating content onto their website, which is not a very complex procedure if done using a CMS.

CMS or Content Management System is a software program that can be used in the management of content on a website. You don’t need any knowledge of HTML coding or other computer languages in order to use this system. Many tech-savvies call it ‘wysiwyg’ or ‘what you see is what you get’, primarily because the content that you get during editing is very similar to the final version.

As a nonprofit, you can choose from a variety of CMS, many of which are free and are mentioned below:


Drupal is an open-source content management system that requires the MySQL database and is written in PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor). It’s a flexible system that can be used in making websites of all styles and sizes. The design is simple and easy to customize. It has a built-in search tool that allows users to get the required information easily. Though Drupal is an excellent choice for news sites and blogging, it does not support standard websites, and thus is a platform non profit drupal website designers don’t always favor. If you are considering building a new website please contact us and we can share examples of websites with a drupal non profit design.


Joomla is a multifunctional CMS that has a wide base of developers and users. Its browser based interface is simple to use and makes it easy to add (or update) content to the website. Joomla can be easily modified with manifold add-ons and plug-ins, thereby making your website easy-to-use and manageable.


WordPress, which was once a blogging tool, has expanded to become a content management system. It’s an extremely popular CMS that allows you to have the right plug-ins and provide the right kind of services with ease.

Plone is a full-featured, flexible CMS that is easy to install and has extensibility greater than that of Zope. It requires a good hold of web programming and Python and is therefore a good fit for developers who are familiar with programming languages and need a scalable content management system.


Formerly known as Mambo Open Source (MOS), Mambo is an easy to use content management system. Its advanced features such as advanced templating techniques, page caching, and a strong API, make it easy for the users to add and manage web pages. This kind of CMS also offers blogs, forums, RSS feeds, news flashes, etc. It can be used to create simple as well as complex websites.


CMS Made Simple
As the name suggests, CMS Made Simple is an easy to use content management system that does not require any special knowledge or web experience. Anyone who wants to create and manage a website or web pages can use this free CMS to enhance the user’s web experience.

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