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Blogging for Nonprofits

Posted on 19th May 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |May 19th, 2010

In such competitive times, nonprofits have to explore every possible opportunity to connect with people and raise awareness as well as money for their causes. Social media and other online tools offer an assortment of opportunities to nonprofit organizations so that they can share their stories and connect with fundraisers. One such opportunity is that of blogging. However, not every website is able to create a successful blogging story. Here are a few tips that can help you move up the road that leads to blogging success:

  • There are things which can never be taught, but can be caught. Blogging is one of those. It is always a better idea to read other blogs before you go on to write your own blog article. Ask your web designer to add a ‘blog reader’ to your website. This will help you organize all your blogs into one place.
  • You can incorporate the feature of ‘RSS feed’ or ‘Feedblitz’ into your website so that readers can easily subscribe to your blog. Such features help in delivering blog posts directly to their email inbox, thereby making it easier for them to stay updated.
  • Avoid using technical jargons. Keep your sentences short and simple so that even the most average person is able to understand them.
  • Remember your target audience. Don’t just write about what seems important to you, rather write about things that will interest your donors and supporters.
  • Use a conversational style of writing. Write as if you are addressing the donor directly. Taking a formal approach while writing a blog post can make the user lose interest in the copy.
  • Start exchanging links with other websites or blogs. This link building and exchanging exercise will widen your organization’s reach.
  • Use pictures and videos of your activities on your blog. This adds to the credibility of your organization.
  • Make sure that the layout and design is easy to read. Don’t use flashy animations or dark background colors. Use an appropriate font type, color and size. The idea is that the user should not find it difficult to read.
  • Ask your web designer to seed a ‘comment’ tab on your blog so that you can invite people to comment.
  • Keep in mind that online readers are very impatient. They want a quick read. Many a times they just scan the article and move on. So keep your copy short and crisp.

Following the principles mentioned above, you can broaden your organization’s reach as well as keep your followers updated on your activities.

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