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A2 Awards: “The Awards For Awards”

Posted on 13th June 2013 by Matthew Spell
By Admin |June 13th, 2013

This is a guest blog post written by Matt Spell, coordinator of A2 Awards.  He is in charge of the award competition, and can be reached at


The awards industry is an exciting and ever changing business, made up of some of the most innovative minds in the country.  Countless hours of labor, both mental and physical, are put into making one’s awards show a memorable time for the audience.  Every year, the people in charge of awards programs look for new ways to improve, whether it is by gaining more submissions, attracting a bigger audience, or putting on a more enjoyable ceremony.

One of the biggest problems in the awards industry today is that no one really knows what other awards programs are doing.  It is frustrating that there are no industry best practices online, or really anywhere to find information about what others are doing well.  This lack of communication means those in charge are left to themselves to find how they can advance their awards program and take it to the next level.

A2 Awards seeks to solve this problem in the awards industry. A2 Awards is a member driven organization made up of awards programs that are dedicated to building the best product in the end.  Information from all participating organizations is compiled by us through a simple online awards application.  At the end of the year, we send out a report with information about best practices and the most successful trends of awards programs.  The best are honored for their hard work, while others are given the information needed to enhance their awards program.

Additionally, we send out a monthly newsletter with updates on the biggest news in the awards industry that month.  Our website always adds new content each week with short articles that are relevant to the awards industry.  For those looking to vamp up their awards program, A2 Awards is the solution.

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