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3 Risk Free Online Creative Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits

Posted on 29th March 2010 by Timothy Spell
By Admin |March 29th, 2010

Everyone is having a hard time making ends meet in this recessions. Implementing low risk and creative  fundraising ideas for nonprofits is critical to the success of an organization. NonprofitCMS has found 3 cool nonprofit fundraising ideas that your nonprofit can start with today. 

Coffee With A Cause is a unique fundraising program that has one goal: Help Nonprofit’s Raise Money. Your nonprofit organization can get into the program for no cost. You make money by putting a banner on your website (or include it in your email blasts or other marketing material). Every time one of your supporters purchases coffee through CoffeeWithACause, your nonprofit gets over 10% of the proceeds! Everyone buys coffee anyway, so why not give it a shot?  

Network For Good
Having a “donate now” button on your website means nothing is no one takes action with it. Network for Good has weekly free webinars with tips and trickets for boosting your online donation efforts. Their free service (Basic Donate Now) includes recurring donations, online donation tracking and gives donors automated tax receipts. More information can be found at  

iGive is an online fundraising service that returns a commission to your organization when your members or supporters make online shopping purchases through their network of online stores. Not all nonprofits are comfortable working with charity malls. Some NPOs feel that it’s akin to a form of advertising or corporate sponsorship or that it supports consumerism, which may not mix well with your organization’s mission. Your staff and/or board should debate the issue and develop a policy.  

So there you have it, 3 online creative fundraising ideas for nonprofits. These online fundraising programs should not the be “end all be all” of your fundraising efforts, but implemented correctly, can send recurring revenue into your organization quickly.

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