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Smithsonian – Homespun Project (WordPress)

The Smithsonian Institute is undertaking a new permanent exhibit to showcase the Indian American’s impact on the Untied States. A new website was needed to solicit potential donors and to keep the community abreast of progress.

Strategy & Approach

The Asian Pacific American Program at the Smithsonian launched Homespun to focus on the Indian-American’s community. Homespun’s main goal was to raise money from a lot of small donors in addition to the handful of large donors. The success of the exhibit would be if the Indian-American community could galvanize around the ideas presented, this meant sharing stories and artifacts was as important as sharing tens of thousands of dollars.


With this in mind, every call to action we suggested was nuanced with an idea of sharing a link, a story, or a handful of dollars. For institutional donors, we hoped to channel this momentum into a reach deep into their pocket books.


Our design team chose colors to represent Indian culture and then tweaked them to fall within the same palette as the existing Homespun logo.


The new Homespun website has only a few areas of content that are regularly updated. As such, the WordPress platform was chosen for its elegance, simplicity, small learning curve, and built in search engine optimization tools.