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Sotheby’s Institute of Art (Sitefinity Design)

As Sotheby’s Institute of Art expanded around the globe, its existing website needed an upgrade to show off the breadth of coursework with alongside its multiple locations. A new site was needed to organize this information, and more importantly, an intuitive tool was needed to maintain the site. Being intuitive was not enough, this tool needed to interface with existing CRM and online application processes.

Strategy & Approach

Sotheby’s Institute of Art has staff distributed across two continents with additional staff working 100% remotely. Mapping content for such a diverse crowd and managing that content are two equally critical tasks. The Institute needed a system that could be managed by the least technical skilled personnel, a system that could be updated quickly and in real-time, and a system that looked great while integrating with all of the legacy systems in place.


In summary Sotheby’s Institute of Art needed:


  1. A highly intuitive website to the end user
  2. Something very easy to update for technical staff
  3. A system that would integrate seamlessly with their existing .NET environment


The beautiful designs chosen by Sotheby’s Institute were created by the world renown firm Pentagram and then later modified by Digital Pulp.


The Sitefinity CMS was chosen as it was best suited for constant updates from a non-technical staff. Sitefinity also helped out with various other needs including multi-lingual support, RSS feed integration, twitter integration, and connectivity to other .NET based systems. The final website connects with the Institute’s application process and alumni network sites.