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MORE (Drupal and CiviCRM Website Design)

Strategy & Approach

The The Mid-Atlantic Off-Road Enthusiasts (MORE) approached nonprofitCMS the beginning of 2011 to assist them in building a new website presence. MORE is a membership organization of about 3000 general members and thousands of other supporters. Their requirements was to build a more intuitive and better designed website, integration with CiviCRM and vBulletin.


To the left you’ll see a sampling of the “wireframes” that we put together for the MORE website. We created over 15 wireframes for this project for all the various views.


After some thorough analysis of websites we decided to go with a more aggressive/modern look and feel for MORE. To the left you’ll see a sampling of the designs that we put together with MORE. After a few rounds of revisions we were all very excited with the new modern look.


There were a lot of technical challenges on this project. Here is a breakdown of our approach:

  1. Website Design using Drupal: As a group of mountain bikers, MORE needed the ability to quickly find trails in their area. NonprofitCMS developed a drupal “trail finder” where users can put in their desired location and find their nearest trail and even update the trail’s condition.
  2. Membership Management: CiviCRM was a no-brainer for MORE because of it’s ability to smoothly integrate with Drupal. MORE used to be on aMember and the migration over to Civi was a pretty smooth process that opens the door to literally thousands of new features.
  3. Mobile Website: NonprofitCMS developed a mobile version of MORE’s website that is compatible with all of the modern smart phones (iPhone, android and blackberry).