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ATSA – (Drupal and CiviCRM Website Redesign)

Strategy & Approach

Phew…what a challenging yet exciting project to work on! The Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA) approached nonprofitCMS back in January about their desire to revamp their online systems. As a membership based association they needed to address the following requirements: Membership Management, Conference Management, and a Web Redesign. The beginning of the project involved creating a lot of wireframes to determine how the site would be structured. A few of them are featured to the left.


In the beginning of the project ATSA decided that a rebranding was necessary. They ditched their “old style” logo and went with a more modern and inviting logo as well as a fresh new color scheme. With this new styling in hand, we were able to create a new website design. A few images are to the left.


  1. Membership Management: NonprofitCMS used CiviCRM as the base system to manage the day to day needs of ATSA. The challenge of this part of the project was migrating their ~5000 members and tens of thousands of general contacts from their old system to CiviCRM. CiviCRM now manages membership signup, renewals, donations and internal reporting.
  2. Annual Conference Registration and (Continuing Education) CE System: ATSA puts on an annual conference and had an old system to manage the registrations. They needed a more robust system to manage the end to end requirements of their conference included bar code scanning of attendees and a CE system at the end of the conference (with printable certificates). NonprofitCMS developed this system from scratch and plans to continue developing this great product for future years.
  3. Website Redesign and CMS Integration (Drupal): This was the most straight forward and fun part of this project. Drupal was chosen as the main CMS because of its ability to integrate smoothly with CiviCRM. ATSA can now easily manage the content, pictures and library on their new site.