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Front Cort / Wes Moore (Online Community using BuddyPress)

Strategy & Approach

Wes Moore, author of the book “The Other Wes Moore”, approached us in 2011 about building an online community for the followers of his book. The idea was to create an arena where people would be able to post their ideas, communicate and spur discussions about the book. This was a fairly complex project and we took a lot of time in the analysis stage to ensure the work-flow of the project was well thought and an intuitive to the end user. To the left are a few of the (many) wireframes that we put together for the project. In total we created over 15 unique views for the project.


Modern, clean and easy to find what you’re looking for was the main consensus of the design. We were able to utilize Wes Moore’s existing branding and styling guide to ensure the user experience was consistent. To the left are a few of the designs we put together based on the wireframes above.


NonprofitCMS used BuddyPress for this project. BuddyPress is a social networking layer built on top of the WordPress CMS. It is easy to use and scalable so that thousands (or potentially millions) of users can communicate seamlessly.