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American Islamic Congress (WordPress Website Design)

Strategy & Approach

The American Islamic Congress (AIC) is an independent, non-partisan non-profit organization dedicated to building interfaith and interethnic understanding and to supporting human and civil rights in Muslim majority countries. As American Muslims thriving amidst the U.S.’s open society, AIC aims to offer a positive example for the global Muslim community.


NonprofitCMS was approached by AIC to build a new web presence for them as their old one was “clunky”, did not reflect their updated program and was very difficult to maintain without a web developer. NonprofitCMS started the process of the new website design by creating a series of wireframes, with the goal of making the new website easier to navigate. To the left are a few examples of the wireframes we created for the project in conjunction with AIC.


After some extensive design research and after discussions with AIC, NonprofitCMS developed the designs that you see to the left. We created over 6 different designs based on the wireframes and went through a few rounds of revisions before everyone was happy with the direction of the new site, and prior to continuing to the development stage.


NonprofitCMS and AIC both agreed that WordPress would be a good fit for the needs of this website because of the ease of use to the end user, ability to create blog articles, ability to tag and categorize articles and flexibility.