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The Hearst Foundations (WordPress Website Design)

The William Randolph Hearst Foundations was looking for a simple to use system to manage the handful of pages on their website.

Strategy & Approach

We were fortunate with the Hearst Team. They seemed to know exactly what they wanted and just wanted a professional hand to draw it out. We wish we could take credit for the elegance of their site’s architecture, but sometimes as a vendor you have to sit back and acknowledge the clients who have their own strong and accurate vision.


They wanted a simple home page to show case one main call to action as well as their various sub programs.


The rest of the pages should be informational.


While we normally don’t do logo design, the Hearst Foundation asked us to give sprucing up their logo a shot. We looked at the main Hearst Corporation’s logo for inspiration and came up with a concept that stayed true to the Hearst Brand but highlighted the foundation as a separate entity.

For the site design we kept it simple with a modern look on this historic organization. Four iterations later we achieved a design the client was thrilled with, as were we.


Having developed over 100 websites on the WordPress platform, the Hearst project was a trip back to memory lane for our developers. WordPress has come a long way in the last few years and we have incorporated the latest advancements like menus and custom post types. Using the custom post type engine we implemented a data entry system to track grants – this allows for the Hearst Foundations staff members to update grant information in an intuitive editor. To visitors of the site they can view this content in a searchable grant finder database.