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National Tank Truck Carriers Association (Sitefinity / iMIS Integration)

Nonproft web site design and development in Sitefinity. Top 10 Sitefinity Website of the Month (June 2012)

Strategy & Approach

NTTC felt that their existing website had been drastically underutilized. As more truckers became acclimated to the web they wanted to resurge their web presence with a site filled with useful information and updated regularly so their members would feel they are getting good value.


This helped us target our approach to a simple structure that hit on the key points members would want to find: event information, meeting minutes, recent news, and advocacy related work.


Keeping with the red, white and blue color scheme of the NTTC logo was a pleasure. Nearly all of our inspiration and photography seemed to match their logo colors like a charm and we were able to produce the final design comps with a minimum number of design revisions.


NTTC wanted to update the site regularly without the need for web developers. As they had little experience with other content management systems, Sitefinity became the obvious choice. With its drag and drop editor and true “what you see is what you get” editors, a quick demo convinced the NTTC staff they’d be able to manage their website as aggressively as they wanted to.


In addition we integrated heavily with iMIS to pull in member directory information as well as integrate single sign on. We skinned the iMIS portal as well to ensure a common look and feel.


For social media we integrated with Twitter and also developed a section called “Ask NTTC” which would allow for user generated questions to get answered and published with answers from professionals in the tank truck community.