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Discussion Settings in WordPress

This video is about setting your discussion settings in WordPress.

Interactive discussion after you publish your post is part of blogging. You can make a number of changes how wordpress would handle and manage discussion on your blog. Go to settings menu and choose the discussion. First you have the default article settings, you have option to allow wordpress to automatically try to allow blogs to linked to your post or not this can slow things slightly when you hit publish but it’s a nice way to let people know that you have linked to their work. You can also decide if your going to allow pingbacks and trackbacks on your blog, if you do, whenever anyone sets your blog post a little summary and linkbacks to that post will appear on your comments, it can be a nice way of giving your readers pointers to other contents as well as letting you know whose been writing about you. You can set a global rule as to whether you allow people to comment on your post it is also possible to decide this on post by post basis, better to leave this check.

Next, you can decide on some rules what people needs to do if their gonna leave a comment on your blog, do they have to fill out name and e-mail or do they need to be a registered user of your blog. Most commonly if you are running a private blog it’s a good idea to request the name and e-mail for spam reasons because it will ask people to log in to wordpress account first and it will limit your comments to fellow wordpress users. You can also choose to close comments after given number of days from publication so it’s only possible to discuss that in a certain time frame. Then, you can decide if you want to receive email notification when new comments are made or just held in moderation. You can also choose when all comments needs to be approve by you first before being publish or it will just appear on your blog and it also has a condition that those previous comment approved will be able to instantly publish their comment. Finally, you can create a blacklist of particular words using post or blacklist certain emails, IP addresses or URL’s one per line so that wordpress can filter the language then save your changes and your done.