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Start to Finish Awards Management


Solicitation Setup

Make your calls for nominations / submissions with an intuitive form builder. Simply choose the fields you want to track, set your open and close dates, and let the system do the heavy lifting.


AwardsCMS allows for all of the basic fields (text area, drop down list, check box) and even lets your submitters attach files.


The system is built with productivity enhancements throughout the process. Setting up multiple awards with similiar fields — just hit the duplicate category button.


Need to make a change after the submission period is open — the system will automatically e-mail all nominators to collect that last piece of information.


Speaking of emails — at every stage the system has automated confirmation and reminder emails. For example, worried that a nominator started but forgot to finish an award? You can choose how often and when these kinds of emails go out.


Worried about random submissions? Set up a private solicitation where only those who you invite can access.


Managing a solicitation could not be any gentler with Nonprofit CMS’s Awards Management Software: AwardsCMS.

Easy Nominations

Nominators can easily view the rules and regulations of an award category as they make their submissions. The system helps enforce rules by double checking required fields are properly submitted. Some categories can take a lot of time and accordingly AwardsCMS allows nominators to save their work and come back later.


Nominations can be as simple as filling out a few fields, or as complex as requiring essays and attached documents. In either case our association awards management software can handle it.


Nominators can later check back and see the status of their submission as it goes through the judging process and eventually has a winner selected.


With automatic reminder and confirmation emails, there will be no more second guessing on where a nominator stands in the submission process.

Judging Center

Gone are the days of coordinating judge scores via email or even worse — traditional paper! AwardsCMS provides a fully integrated judging center. Judges can see the submissions assigned to them and give their scores and comments online. Each submission also has a conversation area where judges can pass comments back and forth to build consensus or otherwise seek clarification from one another.


Out of the box, our award management software supports a few types of scoring options. In some cases solicitations only need an overall score and others require line by line weighted scoring. Awards CMS handles these cases and many more.


Have a more traditional judge who prefers paper? No worries – AwardsCMS exports all submissions to PDF for ease of printing.


As with the other features, automated reminder and confirmation emails are sent to judges to ensure no loose ends go uncovered.

Full Featured Website

AwardsCMS itself is a content management system catered towards an association’s awards program. Rules can easily be typed out in a WYSIWYG editor, or they can be attached as a PDF. Winners can be showcased on your awards home page with a rotating image slider. Points of contact can be associated with each individual solicitation or you can have your own general contact page.


AwardsCMS gives association administrative staff and nominators both the time they need to focus on what is important: making sure the most deserving nominees get recognized for their leadership, hard work, and other demonstrated value.


No more technical barriers to overcome, our award management software package runs securely in the cloud and can be setup usually in just 1 business day.