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Speaker / Abstract Management

Allow for online submission of abstracts and associated documents from potential speakers and presenters managed by your conference administrative team through a central database.


As soon as one conference ends, it seems like there is no time to exhale before the planning for the next one begins. ConferenceCMS makes the first step of soliciting abstracts and presentation topics a pleasure. The system allows you to build an abstract submission form custom to each conference. You can even allow interested speakers to submit associated documentation, papers, and presentations. Your internal conference administrative team can review this information. Approving speakers and assigning them to sessions becomes just a matter of a few clicks.


ConferenceCMS has the flexibility to let speakers upload their own presentation slides — or you can restrict this so that final content is posted only by your administrative team.


In other words the Speaker and Abstract management gives you the full flexibility to empower speakers while keeping control of the entire conference content process through a unified system. This ensures the most time is spent picking the best content and almost no time lost in management delays or data entry.