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Membership, Conference, Abstracts, Job Board – ASMEA

Strategy & Approach

ASMEA’s previous website was great for its time. When they approached nonprofitCMS for a redesign, they wanted to ensure a fresh look with the goal of making it painfully easy for people to learn about their organization – and also making resources incredibly easy for members to get to.


Their home page features their latest work, quick access to upcoming conferences, and recent news / publications.


The navigation makes it easy to find important members only areas like paying dues and updating one’s profile.


ASMEA needed a design to emphasize the roots of its organization. The color scheme was chosen to ensure a balance between the various Middle Eastern and African cultures. The result was the reddish theme presented throughout the site.


As a technology company, the development was surely our favorite part. ASMEA makes use of the latest nonprofitCMS innovations. Membership is handled through memberCMS and fully integrated with WordPress through our plugin. Conferences and Abstracts are managed through our ConferenceCMS and AwardsCMS platforms — and the websites have all been skinned to create a seamless experience for the end user.


The job board — an important member benefit was integrated with our JobCMS platform and brought into WordPress using a plugin.


All in all ASMEA represents 5 systems: Awards, Conference, Member, Jobs, and WordPress all playing nicely together.