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On the fly Changes

Last minute registrations or session changes? Not a problem. Update all sessions and attendee information as the conference goes along.

Managing a conference requires a great deal of detail management and flexibility. Any of the pieces that make up a conference can change, and the organizer has the challenging task of not only handling the changes but also communicating the information to the attendees promptly and effectively. If the speaker arrives late or cancels, the organizer has to find a different speaker or adjust the schedule, and inform the attendees as soon as possible. S/he doesn’t have the time to wait for a web designer to make these updates for her on the website and on the collateral. With Conference CMS and its ability to make on the fly changes, maximizes the organizer’s flexibility and attentiveness to detail.

On the fly change feature of Conference CMS allows the organizers to make changes to the conference easily and quickly. The organizer can update any part of the conference on the fly from the venue all the way to presentation materials. If the speaker of a session changes, all s/he has to do is to log in via a computer or a handheld device and change the information once on the conference’s dashboard, and the attendees will have the new information on their personal dashboard in seconds. If this is an urgent change that requires the attendee’s immediate attention, the administrator can also choose to send an email to all the registered individuals informing them of the change. With Conference CMS, organizers can deal with changes anywhere, any time.