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Gray Digital Group works with clients all over the country. Our client base is comprised of large national health systems, small to medium-sized businesses, law firms and non-profits.

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Non Profit Web Development Portfolio & Experience

Non profit web development is an expanding field which can encompass building new websites, creating mobile and social media applications, launching tools like online donations and event registration modules, along with implementing content management systems and solving complex problems. Our company, NonprofitCMS has experience in each of these areas, and a portfolio of successful nonprofit web development projects. Below are common solutions we offer, and links to further resources at our blog.

3 Common Nonprofit Web Development Projects We Can Help With

1. Building A New Website.

There are many paths to take when considering a new website, and above all it’s the job of your nonprofit web development provider to come up with a step by step approach to an understandable solution. Some of the variables when building a new website include: the overall look and design, the navigation, the platform or content management system the site is built on, and ensuring search engine friendliness.
Here are some blog posts that will help you approach building a new website.

2. Widgets, Plugins & Tools for Existing Websites, CMS, Blogs

A lot times we are being asked to complete non profit web development projects that involve creating a widget or tool for an existing website. Another common request is to take an old website and place a content management system within the site so that images, text, and video can be update without using computer language. Here are a few articles regarding the tools, and plugins we have built along with our non profit best practices for content management systems.

3. Mobile Websites & Mobile Apps

Trends show in the coming years more website visitors will arrive through mobile devices. Mobile phones are a new tools for non profit marketers and a new challenging aspect of non profit web development. Here is an article on creating mobile friendly non profit websites.