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Continuing Education

Do some of your attendees participate in your conference to receive CE credits at the conclusion? ConferenceCMS has a built-in Continuing Education Credit system that gives you the flexibility to assign CE credits to individuals who successfully attend sessions and complete post conference surveys. Here is now it works:Administrators of ConferenceCMS add sessions to the conference prior to the start of the event. As the add sessions they are also able to input the number (if any) of CE credits a participant will receive if they sign up. Administers are also able to input post conference survey questions (per session, or globally) that participants must fill out at the conclusion of the conference in order to receive credit.


Attendees who have signed up for the conference are provided a username/password to ConferenceCMS. At the conclusion of the conference they are able to log into the system to complete surveys for the sessions that they attended. Optionally administers of the system can restrict the post conference surveys to users who have been confirmed that they attended the session (see Attendance Tracking).


Once a participant has completed the session surveys they are able to download a printable PDF certificate with all of their completed sessions and respective CE credits.


Administers of the system are able to build custom REPORTS on all aspects of the CE process.