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Continuing Education Management (ExamCMS)

Many associations and professional societies have initial and ongoing certification requirements. ExamCMS is an off the shelf solution to quickly allow your organization to take control of the continuing education process while also creating a new source of revenue.


Features Overview

ExamCMS allows your organization to run its own continuing education program as follows:

  • Sell Multiple Choice Exams
  • Sell Preparation / Practice Materials and Modules
  • Provide a quick online course via video, then ask several post exam questions
  • Take quick surveys on materials presented
  • Provide and track continuing education certificates and associated credits


Getting Started

ExamCMS is a quick and turnkey solution your organization can use to bring in new revenue and provide a valuable service to your constituency. The best way to get started is to determine a continuing education strategy, accordingly we can guide you on the best way to use ExamCMS to enact it.


Here are Some Ways Clients Use ExamCMS
  • Your organization already has a certification exam.  In preparation for the exam test takers look towards third parties for tutoring, practice questions and reading material.   Instead of letting them go outside, your organization can produce the ‘official’ study guide and practice set.  Just like the ETS does with the SAT Exam, this official resource tends not to compete with the third parties, but rather provide an additional source.  For example the Advanced Placement exams might release one exam every five years to sell.  This is not enough practice, but it is a valuable resource people would pay for.
  • Many medical societies require a maintenance of certification or some ongoing examination requirement.  ExamCMS is a great way to present a quick case study with follow up questions.  CMEs (or CE credits) can be provided based on successful passing of the Exam.  The CMEs can be tracked and reported quarterly to the accredited certification bodies.
  • At your organization’s next trade show, hire a videographer or a skilled professional to synchronize powerpoint slides and audio.  Now put this material into an online module and charge a small fee.  At the end of the module the learner will receive a certificate and your organization will have just earned a bit more revenue out of the initial conference.
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