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Attendee Registration

Full flexibility with online attendee registration. Support for tracks, custom pricing rules, unlimited custom fields, and integrates with over 60 payment processors.


Conference attendee registration is hands down the most tedious part of the pre-conference stage. Hundreds to thousands of attendees sign up and a small minority of attendees have ‘one-off’ needs that are excurciating to track. ConferenceCMS starts the process of right and allows your conference administrative team to build custom registration forms for each event. Is the price different for those who buy Wednesday’s lunch but not Thursday’s? If someone signs up for the sessions early do they get a discount? How about student discounts? When we built ConferenceCMS, we wanted to make sure we could handle just about any pricing rule combination without the need for our programmers to be called upon.


Between custom fields and custom pricing we’ve created the most intuitive attendee online registraton process for conference systems in our class, however we didn’t stop there. If your administrative team chooses to make use of them, Conference CMS allows attendees to submit 1st and 2nd choice sessions; or lets them sign up for a track of sessions at one time. The custom price rules and custom fields also apply to sessions as well. What that means is if a person signs up for a particular session they can be asked additional questions during the sign up period — presumably to help the presenter understand his audience.


ConferenceCMS integrates with over 60+ payment gateways and we are willing to integrate with even more if your association has a special need. Some conferences need a manual review of attendee submissions before a card can be charged, as such we’ve built a 2-step process for conferences that need it. Step 1: Attendee registers, Step 2: After administrative review Attendee receives a electronic payment form to finalize registration. This allows for a proper payment card industry compliant registration process without the security headaches associated with keeping a customer’s card on file.


During the conference, the attendees have access to their agenda via their phones. For conferences administrators that allow it, attendees can also download slides and materials before, during, or after the conference.