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Blogging – How to use categories and tags in WordPress

This video is about adding categories and tags to your post in WordPress.

Categories and tags make it easier for people to find your content. Categories are like the sections of a menu | or newspaper while tags are more like an ingredients of a particular dish. For example you want to write a post about flowers, you might create a flower category or | even make a categories for different kinds of flowers. When you are writing a post, go to categories panel | and select the category to apply to that post | if it doesn’t fit you can click add new category | and type a new one, if the category is more like a sub category for example it’s about a specific flower | you can assign a parent category | hibiscus is under your flowers parent category and click add. Tags are more precise and specific to a particular post, you can add as many as you like | and the main idea is to create key words that describe what’s in the post. After each tag, separate it with a comma. You can also choose from the most commonly used tags if you want to keep things consistent. You can put colorful, flowering plants and so on and click add. Now, when your readers come to your blog, they can see a list of categories to click through | and they can also use a tag-cloud or the tags featured in your post | or similar content by tag. Tags also make it easy for other WordPress users to find your post | and it can be can be a great way of helping people to find what you’ve written. So that’s the important of categories and tags in your posts.